April 16th, 2012

Hello World!

This is my first post on my brand spanking new LiveJournal account. Any tips would be great as I would like to make my page a bit better looking, for now this shall do. I am a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction writer, and I am a Spike/Dawn Shipper. I took a long hiatus from writing and am back now and I do not think I will be leaving for a while. I have a pretty large amount of stories (in my opinion) written for the lovely Spawn pairing. I know it is not a common pairing but give me a chance, you might be convinced :-D

I am a fun person to talk to and I am very non-judgmental. So feel free to chat me up and I am almost always here. College keeps me online often.

Bit By Bit

Title: Bit by Bit
Pairing: Spike/Dawn
Warning: Slight Language and Mild Sexual Content
Disclaimer: Owned by the lovely Joss Whedon

Where did everything go so wrong? When did she become this dark, angry creature. When did I lose my Dawn. And when did I start feeling this way about her. Some point between the shy little visits to my crypt and screwing her sister, I fell in love. With the youngest of the Summer's women. It seems I can't help but fall for what causes me pain. But my Bit, she is so perfect. So bloody brilliant. When did I start losing her?

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