July 5th, 2012


Title: First-Time
Author: SpikesLittleBit Aka Dawnandspike4eva
Pairing: Dawn/Spike
Warnings: Reference to loss of virginity and slight sexual content
Disclaimer: I make no profit from this, it belongs to someone else. I only wrote this story and it is based off of their previously conceived characters.


She has so many regrets, and she is certain there are many more to come. But that drunken night after Buffy had died for the last time, would not be one of those regrets. That night where Dawn finally crossed the threshold from girl to woman. A memory that was not tainted by lies. A memory that was not monk-made. A memory that belonged to Dawn completely.

She was glad it was not some fumbling and hormonal teenage boy, who thought only about the means to an end. Because Dawn was much smarter than that, she was after all a Summer's woman.

There was nothing cheap or forgettable about that night. Nothing forgettable about the vampire who kissed away the tears she cried for her dead sister. Or how he replaced her pain with pleasure, in a way that no girl ever experienced for their first-time.

Dawn would be forever grateful to the way Spike pretended that her sister was the last thing on his mind. To the way he was unbelievably tender, even though he was very drunk. She was even grateful to the tears she shed that had nothing to do with her sister. There were even a few tears that Spike shed and their meaning would forever be a mystery to her.

Dawn would never regret that night. No matter how many times Xander muttered words of how it was 'wrong' or 'sick'. Or how many times Giles reminded her of the last time a Summers woman lost their virginity to a vampire. She wouldn't even regret it when she had to go away to college and leave behind the only person who cared about her. Because she would find her way back to him, she always did.