spikeslittlebit (spikeslittlebit) wrote,

The Hunter Chronicles- Supernatural FanArt

Fanart done for my fanfiction series "The Hunter Chronicles" it crosses Supernatural and BtVS mostly in the SPN world where Dawn has joined the Winchester brothers on the road after using her key powers to save Sam's life.

Read it here:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8484819/1/The-Hunter-Chronicles

This was drawn by me Kirsten Moodie although Supernatural and BtVS are not mine and I make no profit from this artwork which is simply a work of fun, The references came from google images and are all actors from their respective TV shows. I just drew them together here for my own amusement mwahahaha! lol

Tags: btvs, crossover, dawn summers, dawn summers/ dean winchester, dawn/dean, dean winchester, fanart, sam winchester, supernatural
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