Title: First-Time
Author: SpikesLittleBit Aka Dawnandspike4eva
Pairing: Dawn/Spike
Warnings: Reference to loss of virginity and slight sexual content
Disclaimer: I make no profit from this, it belongs to someone else. I only wrote this story and it is based off of their previously conceived characters.


She has so many regrets, and she is certain there are many more to come. But that drunken night after Buffy had died for the last time, would not be one of those regrets. That night where Dawn finally crossed the threshold from girl to woman. A memory that was not tainted by lies. A memory that was not monk-made. A memory that belonged to Dawn completely.

She was glad it was not some fumbling and hormonal teenage boy, who thought only about the means to an end. Because Dawn was much smarter than that, she was after all a Summer's woman.

There was nothing cheap or forgettable about that night. Nothing forgettable about the vampire who kissed away the tears she cried for her dead sister. Or how he replaced her pain with pleasure, in a way that no girl ever experienced for their first-time.

Dawn would be forever grateful to the way Spike pretended that her sister was the last thing on his mind. To the way he was unbelievably tender, even though he was very drunk. She was even grateful to the tears she shed that had nothing to do with her sister. There were even a few tears that Spike shed and their meaning would forever be a mystery to her.

Dawn would never regret that night. No matter how many times Xander muttered words of how it was 'wrong' or 'sick'. Or how many times Giles reminded her of the last time a Summers woman lost their virginity to a vampire. She wouldn't even regret it when she had to go away to college and leave behind the only person who cared about her. Because she would find her way back to him, she always did.

Slayed By Drabbles Contest

Title: Slayed By Drabbles
Author: SpikesLittleBit AKA Dawnandspike4eva AKA Kirsten Moodie
Pairing: Multiple
Warning: Some sexual content
Disclaimer: I do not own and do not profit from these stories.
A compilation of Drabbles based on a one word prompt done for a group I am in. They are each one hundred words exactly not including the title word and are all not related to one another, each is a separate piece. Please enjoy and leave a note!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Title: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Author: SpikesLittleBit AKA Kirsten Moodie
Pairing: Dawn/Spike
Disclaimer: I make no money from writing this and do not own the characters they are the property of Joss Whedon and "Grr Argh", only the words I have written down are mine. The lyrics in the beginning also do not belong to me, the song is called "Lil' Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs. It has also been remade by Bowling for Soup and Amanda Seyfried, I recommend you listen to the song while reading.

Summary: It is Halloween night, and while big sis is away, little Dawnie will play.

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The Curse

Title: The Curse
Author: SpikesLittleBit AKA Kirsten Moodie
Beta: Buffy Sunnydale AKA Dangergirl78...I would like to give a special thanks to her, for her incredible job as a Beta. Your the best! MWAH!
Pairing: Spike/Dawn
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns the characters and original story. I just came up with these words and this idea is my own.
Summary: The Scoobies discover that Spike has been inflicted with a mortal curse. When they find out the one thing that can save his life, it seem completely impossible. Dawn goes to make one last effort on his behalf, but it seems like no matter what she does, his fate has been sealed.

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Not Scared!

Title: Not Scared!
Author: Spike'sLittleBit AKA Kirsten AKA Dawnandspike4eva (cheesy but it is my fanfiction is old)
Pairing: Can you guess? Yup Spike/Dawn you guessed right.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon OWNS ALL. Accept the words that I write hehe
Summary: Dawn underestimated vampires and Spike teaches her a lesson.

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Sex and Candy

Title: Sex and Candy
Author: Spike'sLittleBit
Pairing: Spike/ will get used to this.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, blah blah. Accept I am somewhat wiser than Joss in the idea that I would have put these two together and he did not take the chance ;-) JUST SAYING, I still love Joss. lol.
Summary: He adored watching her, even when she did strange things like this. It was alright, because he adored her flaws. Loved the way she was like him. In some ways. Because her flaws were so perfect.
Just a short little fic. :-D If you smile, It has served its purpose.

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Bit By Bit

Title: Bit by Bit
Pairing: Spike/Dawn
Warning: Slight Language and Mild Sexual Content
Disclaimer: Owned by the lovely Joss Whedon

Where did everything go so wrong? When did she become this dark, angry creature. When did I lose my Dawn. And when did I start feeling this way about her. Some point between the shy little visits to my crypt and screwing her sister, I fell in love. With the youngest of the Summer's women. It seems I can't help but fall for what causes me pain. But my Bit, she is so perfect. So bloody brilliant. When did I start losing her?

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